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Paris Maps

ParisBreak in asscociation with
is pleased to present the following maps


Paris plan No. 12

Clear and easy to read plan, which accurately reflects the actual street layout and shows all the minor streets, little alleys, small squares, covered passages, etc. Public buildings, including all the famous monuments and museums, are clearly marked. The plan is ideal for all those who wish to go beyond the usual tourist routes and explore Parisian nooks and crannies or just need an accurate and detailed plan of the whole city.
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Brendtson & Brendtson

The plans are clear, easy to read and cover most of the city (roughly: Gare du Nord to Montparnasse Cemetery and Eifel Tower to Bastille, with the Père Lachaise Cemetery, Montmartre and La Vilette shown as separate maps). The plans also include a diagram of the metro, plans of Disneyland and Orly airport and a general map of the Paris region. The index lists places of interest separately from street names.
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National geographic society

Tourist map of central Paris (roughly: Eifel Tower to the Bastille and Montmarte to Luxembourg Gardens) clearly showing famous tourist sights, public buildings and selected hotels. Enlargements show the Les Halles - Pompidou Centre area and La Défense. The map includes a diagram of the metro, plans of the city's two international airports and a general road map of the Paris region.
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Paris City Flash

The plan of Paris, spread over both sides of the map, covers almost the whole city and has an index with only a selection of streets. A diagram shows the entire length of the Champs-Elysées with names of shops, cafés, etc. The plan also includes a diagram of the metro, a road map of the area around the Paris and a plan of Charles de Gaulle airport. .
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