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 Eating Out in Paris

Know what's the best thing about eating out in Paris? Good food can be found everywhere and at any time! That's perhaps why Paris is called an incurable foodie's paradise! While the rest of the world is limited to a boring restaurant or a café, Paris has restaurants, bistros, brasseries, tea salons, cafés and wine bars! Why, even some of the cake shops in Paris boast of best of dinners available! And yes, food itself comes in a huge variety ranging from Chinese, Vietnamese, North African, Algerian, Greek, Lebanese, Indian and of course, the local cuisine!

So, if it's the popular local cuisine your tastebuds are pining for, restaurants are where you should head for, because they offer local dishes from all regions of France. You can equally find ethnic restaurants especially Vietnamese, Italian and Algerian restaurants.

Cafés are those informal places where you can spend hours meeting up with an old friend over a cup of steaming coffee or a glass of chilled beer. The expensive cafés are on the Champs-Elysées and along all the major boulevards. A Bistro is for those who have a tight string on their purse. Bistro offers the most affordable food. Brasserie is for someone who is looking for luxury with not being too heavy on the wallet. Brasserie falls somewhere between a pricey restaurant and an affordable Bistro.

And yes, it would help to know a few ground rules! Your drinks will cost you a wee bit more if you are served at the outside terrace than at the bar. After 8 pm you pay even more for your drinks.

The most well known cafés are located in Montparnasse, where you can find cafés La Select and La Rontonde. The best thing about these cafés is that they have been in existence since the 1920s and they have maintained the old world glory!

The Left Bank, St-Germain-des-Pres and the Latin Quarter have the most number of restaurants. If you are particularly looking for the fast food variety, then Champs-Elysées or the Madeleine areas of Paris, you should visit.

The areas like Invalides, Eiffel Tower and Palais de Chaillot have made dining a unique experience and accordingly they are quite steep too!

You can dress as you like when you eat out in France, unless you are heading towards a three star restaurant, where you are expected to dress formally. There is an eatery to suit every budget. A lunch at a café could cost you around 12 euros but a dinner at a good bistro or a restaurant can make your wallet lighter by 30 to 40 euros.


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