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 Budget Hotels

You don't want to spend too much, but you don't want to sacrifice your privacy in a student's hostel, then budget hotels are your best bet. It makes sense to save on hotel bills and spend the money instead on better things in Paris! There are plenty of budget hotels scattered around Paris but one has to book these hotels in advance as they are always in demand.

ParisBreak gives you a list of some of the best budget hotels, catering to independent travellers in Paris. The list on this page shows budget hotels charging under £ 30 per night for a double room, listed in order of price.

Hotel Location Métro Station Price
Grand Hotel Magenta 129 Boulevard de Magenta
75010 Paris
Tel. +
Fax. +
Gare du Nord £ 14
Hotel de Milan 17-19 Rue de Saint Quentin
75010 Paris
Tel. +
Fax. +
Gare du Nord £ 16
Sports Hotel 68 Rue Beaunier
75014 Paris
Tel. +
Fax. +
Porte d'Orleans £ 16
Hotel du Centre 112 Rue de Charenton
75012 Paris
Tel. +
Fax. +
Gare de Lyon £ 18
Hotel de la Herse d'Or 20 Rue Saint Antoine
75004 Paris
Tel. +
Fax. +
Bastille £ 20
Delhy's Hotel 22 Rue de l'Hirondelle
75006 Paris
Tel. +
Fax. +
Saint Michel £ 23
Hotel du Palais 2 Quai de la Megisserie
75001 Paris
Tel. +
Fax. +
Chatelet £ 24
Hotel du Lion d'Or 5 Rue de la Sourdiere
75001 Paris
Tel. +
Fax. +
Tuileries £ 25
Etap Hotel
12, rue Jacques-Henri Lartigue
92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux
Tel. +
Fax. +
Mairie d'Issy £ 26
Hotel de Blois 5 Rue des Plantes
75014 Paris
Tel. +
Fax. +
Mouton duvernet £ 26
Etap Hotel
Porte de Vanves 
Rue Jean Bleuzen
92170 Vanves
Tel. +
Fax. +
Malakoff-Plateau de Vanves £ 29
Etap Hotel
Porte de Vincennes 
2,Avenue Leon Gaumont
75020 Paris
Tel. +
Fax. +
Saint Mande-Tourelle £ 29

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