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paris break
paris break
paris break
paris break
paris break
paris break
paris break

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Paris Break

For those of you who are looking for a short break coupled with glamour and fun, Paris is the ideal place for a break. Paris is a city of light, of arts, of fashion, of culture and of great cuisine! A tourists' delight, Paris is always alive with tree-lined avenues and street cafés. Paris is chic, glamorous, and very fashionable. Lots of things to do and see in'll be captivated!

paris break - romantic

Paris Things to do
Paris Things to do Taking a Paris Break allows you to see a wide range of great places apart from the famous Eiffel Tower. If you love cabaret with great music and beautiful girls, Paris is the place. Kids also are spoilt with fun places, particularly Disneyland Paris. Paris also houses some of the world's greatest museums.

paris break - Travel

Why not take a short break to Paris as there are various ways of travelling to Paris from the UK : by air, coach, sea or rail. Flying used to be the quickest way of reaching Paris but now Eurostar has cut down train travel time to almost two hours. Plan your trip with Paris Break.
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paris break - Eiffel Tower

Paris is the ideal place to take a break as the city has a few of the most beautiful sights. Paris is rightly known as the world's most beautiful city. Eiffel Tower is the landmark par excellence. Besides Les Champs-Elysées, Cathedral de Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower, Paris offers a huge range of interesting places. Paris Break helps you discover these beautiful places. of interesting places. Paris Break helps you discover these beautiful places.
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paris break - Children

If you decide to take your kids for a short break to Paris they will have an amazing range of fun places to go to. There are a variety of museums made especially for kids! Paris has some amazing parks.There is the magnificent Disneyland Paris, spread across 1,500 acres. And don't let your child miss the wax museum at Musée Grevin.
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paris break - Entertainment

If your idea of unwinding is to watch lavish cabaret, Paris is the right place for you. Paris is known for its colourful and extravagant cabaret performances. These Parisian Cabarets have acquired an art form as the most sensuous cabaret performers gyrate to the most thrilling music. Paris Break has a list of the famous cabarets in Paris.
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paris break - Monalisa

Mona Lisa
You want to see Mona Lisa? Then, you should definitely take a short break to Paris. Mona Lisa, the world's most famous work of art that was painted by Leonardo da Vinci between 1503 and 1505 is located in the Louvre museum. The painting was bought from Leonardo by the then King of France, Francois I. The Louvre museum received the painting in 1798 after the French revolution.
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The fashion capital
Fashion and Paris have become synonymous with each other. Paris is known as the mecca of fashion where all the top couturiers showcase their talent. All designers dream to be part of Paris fashion world.
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Discover Paris
The most romantic city lies within the limits of the giant ring road. The city is divided into 20 unequally sized districts which are numbered from 1 to 20 and follow spirally into a clockwise direction. The spiral shape begins in central Paris. The north of Paris is divided from the south by the River Seine.
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Learn French
Learn French with Alliance Francaise in Paris. The Alliance Francaise is a non-profit making organisation with the aim of spreading French language and culture. It is a network of 1085 committees established in 138 countries and an educational system of the French language serving around 400.000 students. Read more

Paris in 3 days
Paris started its prehistoric life along the banks of the Seine river in the Bronze Age. Later, fortified settlements on the islands (now called the Ile St-Louis ) afforded strategic shelter from unfriendly Barbarians. So the river has always been the heart of the city. This is where you should begin. Read more

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